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Introducing the Black Apollo 2 Luxury Travel Set made for traveling in luxury. Alligator texture gives this backpack + duffle combo a unique texture and vibe to the set.
Whether it's for school, work, or road tripping, you'll look fresh in any occasion.
Designed with a purpose of the culture as the main focal point, the Apollo set is a timeless design that echos throughout time. The modern flair gives the bags it's own originality which makes it stand out from the rest.


This standard backpack holds a protective, cushioned laptop sleeve. The meticulous design of the interior also has our Tote&Carry logo monogram'd throughout. The interior is made out of a luxurious nylon that is scratch resistant. Simple open and close feature with the magnetic button.


Coming in 2 different sizes: Regular and XL, the duffle bag is one of the standouts for the sets because of it's multifunctional use and spacious interior. Dubbed the "weekender" because of it's efficient use of space for a quick weekend trip, the Regular size works perfectly for a short on-the-go trip.


Black Apollo 1 Snakeskin Luggage Set
From $369


High Quality Materials

We only source the softest vegan leather for all our entire Apollo lineup (no animals hurt for our bags). Both scratch and water resistant so it can stand up to everyday wear and tear and the weather.

Variety of colors

Whether you're into neon bright colors, pastel spring vibes, or standard monotones, we have a color that will match your personality. Check out the rest of our colors here.

Efficient traveling

With our spacious interior, you can fit a lot of outfits in here including: toiletries, shoes, formal wear, hats and more. Don't worry about filling the bag, there is no limit to how much it can carry!

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